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Golden Amber Creations

Accessory - Soap Saver Exfoliating Pouch

Accessory - Soap Saver Exfoliating Pouch

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Soap Saver Exfoliating Pouch

Enhance your bathing experience with our Soap Saver Exfoliating Pouch, designed specifically for handmade soaps.

Perfect Fit: Sized at 14 x 9.5 cm (5.5 x 3.7 inches), these pouches can accommodate most soaps comfortably.

Natural Material: Made from ramie, a traditional natural fiber known for its strength and durability, this pouch provides a gentle yet effective exfoliation for your skin.

Convenient Design: The cotton drawstring allows you to hang the pouch in your bathtub or shower, keeping your soap within easy reach and allowing it to dry between uses.

Hygiene Tip: For best results, do not share your soap pouch and replace it every 4 weeks, similar to a towel. Soak the pouch in water before each use for optimal performance.

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