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Soap - Brazilian Purple Clay Soap

Soap - Brazilian Purple Clay Soap

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Luxurious Pink Clay Soap

Introducing our Brazilian Purple Clay Soap, expertly crafted with a sumptuous blend of Lavender and Lime essential oils and enriched with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. This luxurious soap is designed to elevate your daily cleansing routine into a soothing ritual, offering both detoxification and hydration for all skin types.

Product Highlights:

-          Brazilian Purple Clay: Celebrated for its skin-nourishing properties, this exquisite clay helps to detoxify and purify your skin by drawing out impurities, while also providing essential minerals that enhance skin elasticity and cell renewal.

-          Lavender Essential Oil: Known for its calming properties, lavender oil soothes the skin and relaxes the mind, making each use a tranquil escape.

-          Lime Essential Oil: Adds a vibrant, energizing kick to the soap’s fragrance, invigorating the senses and helping to balance skin tone.

-          Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: This mineral-rich salt exfoliates the skin gently, promoting the removal of dead skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter skin beneath.

Product Description:

Our Brazilian Purple Clay Soap with Lavender, Lime, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is the perfect blend of functionality and indulgence. The luxurious purple clay base deep cleans and revitalizes the skin, while the aromatic blend of lavender and lime essential oils provides a refreshing and relaxing aroma. Pink Himalayan sea salt, rich in over 80 minerals, exfoliates gently, improving hydration and leaving your skin soft and glowing.

Ideal for anyone seeking a spa-like experience at home, this soap is gentle enough for daily use on both face and body. The combination of detoxifying clay, soothing essential oils, and exfoliating salt ensures that your skin remains well-cared-for and beautifully fragrant.

Usage Tips:

Wet the soap and lather in your hands or on a washcloth. Gently massage the foam over your body before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Suitable for all skin types, especially those looking to soothe, purify, and gently exfoliate their skin.

Embrace the harmonious blend of nature's wonders with our Brazilian Purple Clay Soap and transform your daily cleansing into a moment of serene indulgence.

Not recommended for usage on the face.


Sorbitol, Coconut Oil, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Titanium Dioxide, Brazilian Purple Clay, Kaolin Clay, Lavender and Lime Essential Oils.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Made in a location that uses nut oils.

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