Our Story


About Our Products 

We source natural and organic ingredients for our products where possible and proudly take measures to ensure each product is safe and stable for best use.  We are constantly researching and learning how to improve our products and processes. Each product is made sustainably, in small batches, ensuring quality and attention to detail.

Meet Our Master Creator and CEO

Hi, My name is Traviaun and I am the master formulator and CEO of Golden Amber Creations! I have personally formulated all of our bath and body products and hand pour all of our candle and wax creations.

With the sudden closings of my favorite spas and stores, I was inspired to research and create my own natural and organic luxury spa products and aromatic candles with intriguing scents. By the end of 2020, I found that my family and friends enjoyed my products just as much as me, and my DIY mission evolved into Golden Amber Creations. My passion is creating so here you will also find a few of my other custom creations.

All my products are handmade by me and my family, with intentional and surprising scent pairings for your entire family’s self-care needs. I hope that our products inspire you to indulge in luxury, self-care at home.